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Privacy Policy – Anthill Online & Anthill Magazine

Ant Hill Enterprises Pty Ltd (Anthill) is firmly committed to the confidentiality of user data. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for Anthill.

Anthill is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act, except for its activities carried on in the course of journalism. Anthill is exempt from complying with the Privacy Act in relation to its journalism activities.

Anthill may, from time to time, review and update this privacy policy statement to take account of new laws and technology and changes to Anthill’s operations. All personal information held by Anthill will be governed by Anthill’s most recent policy, posted on this website.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, please contact: E-mail: info[@]

What information does Anthill collect?

Anthill collects personal information from a variety of sources, including from members of the public, advertisers, prospective employees, mailing lists, recruitment agencies, contractors and business partners. In general, the personal information Anthill collects includes (but is not limited to) name, address, contact details, gender, occupation, in some cases membership of professional associations and, where relevant, financial information, including credit card information, banking details and income information.

Personal Information you provide: We store the personal information you enter on the Anthill website or give to Anthill in other ways. We obtain most personal information through the Anthill subscription registration process, updates to subscription details and award programs and competitions. You may provide information when you request or acquire a product or service from Anthill or its related companies, provide a product or service to Anthill, complete a survey or questionnaire, enter a competition, participate in forums or when you communicate with Anthill by e-mail, telephone or in writing (for example if you contact customer service or provide feedback).

Automatic collection (Cookies): We may use a feature of your browser called a cookie to assign your computer a ‘User ID’. Cookies do not contain information by which Anthill can identify you. They identify your computer to our servers. You may configure your browser so that you are notified before a cookie is downloaded or so that your browser does not accept cookies. Anthill may use information contained in cookies to make assumptions about the user of the computer and to provide users of that computer with focused advertising which Anthill believes may be of interest, based on that information. To disable your cookies, please refer to the help menu within your Internet browser.

Indirect collection: Anthill endeavours to collect personal information about an individual only from that individual. In some circumstances Anthill may obtain personal information from a third party. If you provide personal information about another person to Anthill, Anthill requires that you inform that person you have done so and provide them with a copy of this policy.

How is our registration data used?

Anthill offers optional services that require registration. Anthill provides some of those services directly; others may be provided on behalf of vendor companies or by Anthill partners. Customer contact information that is collected on behalf of Anthill is used to send relevant information about our company and promotional material from some of our partners. This information is sent only to users who have chosen to receive it and is delivered by Anthill.

No third party is allowed direct access to the information held by Anthill, unless you register to receive third party content (as is sometimes the case with award programs). In addition, users may opt out of receiving future mailings. (See the Opt Out section below). For example, if a customer requests to be notified when information on a selected topic becomes available, Anthill will be the provider of the information on behalf of the third party. These services are clearly labelled as third party communications. Customers always have the option to discontinue services.

How do I access my personal information?

You may access or update the information stored in your profile at any time by sending a request to privacy[@]

Who else may receive my personal information?

Anthill does not share any of your personally identifiable information with any person or entity, unless you register to receive third party content (as is sometimes the case with Anthill award programs).

Opt-Out: Users can also remove their personal information from Anthill databases by sending a request via email to privacy[@]

Future Enhancements: From time to time we will add new features to our e-mail services and web sites. Because of this, our Privacy Policy will be reviewed and revised. Anthill reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy at any time and notify you by posting an updated version of the policy on its web site.

Further Information: For more information about privacy issues in Australia and protecting your privacy, visit

Engagement Policy – Anthill Online (Forums & Blogs)

Anthill Online was developed as a place where business owners and professionals can learn, network, seek inspiration and share ideas. As such, we don’t have too many rules. Our intention is to let you, the user, set your own parameters with respect to user-behaviour. However, rules are required to provide structure and help users self-govern.

Below are some simple rules, disclaimers and warnings. Fortunately, most are easy to remember as they require little more than the application of common sense. However, others are provided to protect users and provide a reminder of some important legal considerations and obligations, namely those pertaining to the solicitation of capital, investment in private companies and the protection of intellectual property.

If you violate any of our internal rules by accident, you’ll be given a warning. If you are a repeat offender, you will be banned from our Forums & Blogs. If you ignore or overlook any of the legal considerations and obligations referred to below, you will not only be jeopardising your own commercial livelihood but you may also face legal prosecution.
Here are our list of rules. Read them carefully and follow them wisely.

  1. Use common sense.
  2. While it’s great to have strong opinions, don’t be abusive. There is a fine line between constructive feedback and negative slurs.
  3. Similarly, while it’s great to have a sense of humour, a joke is a joke only if both parties find it funny. Sarcasm rarely translates well on the internet.
  4. We value free speech, but please don’t post someone else’s copyrighted material. We really don’t want to be sued because of users’ failure to observe Rule #1.
  5. With regard to signatures, you may post affiliate links or logos but please try to avoid using anything gratuitously promotional or annoying. You’ll only be harming yourself.
  6. No nudity or sexually explicit material, unless presented to make a specific point relating to business and business growth. While we have no problem with nudity, there are other sites better able to satisfy our users’ voyeuristic needs.
  7. Slurs against race, religion or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.
  8. No spamming. Self-promotion is ok, in the context of a valuable contribution to a Forum discussion.
  9. Pay it forward. If you are enjoying the benefits of Anthill Magazine or Anthill Online, tell a friend. It’s fun to share and it will add to your experience.
  10. If you come across any post that appears to be in violation of these 10 rules, please report it by emailing your observation to: admin[@]

Below are some legal considerations. Read them carefully and observe them diligently.

It’s also important that we, Ant Hill Enterprises Pty Ltd (the publishers of Anthill Online and Anthill Magazine) make it very clear that we do not in any way endorse the ideas put forward in any of the Forums on our website. We enjoy the clever things (as well as the not-so-clever things) you say and do. And we hope that you make many valuable personal and commercial relationships through your association with Anthill.

But, to make things clear, we are a media provider and not in the business of brokering business relationships. We are not a brokering service. We don’t stand to gain from brokerage fees or any direct form of fiscal remuneration for deals or business relationships that may or may not arise as a result of discussions on our website.

Also, for your own good, if you do intend to promote your ideas and/or business through our website for the purpose of building personal and commercial relationships, please make sure that you are not undermining your potential to secure intellectual property (IP) protection. There are many articles on this site about the value of robust IP and how to protect your ideas. However, they are not exhaustive and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. As a starting point, we recommend that you visit:

And please make sure that you do not accidentally (or deliberately) breach Australian laws regarding the solicitation of capital. There are various Federal Laws that limit the ability of Australian businesses and individuals to solicit capital with and without a prospectus. Once again, there are numerous articles on this topic on the Anthill website.

However, once again, they are not exhaustive and should not be relied on in place of professional legal advice. As a starting point, we recommend that you visit:

If you intend to use Anthill products and services, such as Anthill Magazine or Anthill Online, to unearth promising ideas and/or business opportunities, please be aware that any investment made in a private company is high risk. Please seek professional advice before investing or engaging in commercial activities. Ant Hill Enterprises Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for any representations made or for any information posted by individuals or businesses published in Anthill Magazine or as part of Anthill Online.

In short, be mindful of your legal obligations when posting comments or connecting with others on the Anthill website. Be courteous and treat others with respect. Use common sense and, most importantly, have fun!

Terms & Conditions – Submitting Editorial, Entering Competitions and Awards

The following Terms & Conditions relate to the submission of editorial for the purposes of possible future publication (including letters to the editor) and the submission of applications and entries for the purposes of participation in Anthill awards programs and competitions. The term ‘entry’ is used to refer to both editorial submissions and award applications or competitions.

  1. All entries submitted to Ant Hill Enterprises Pty Ltd (Anthill), including ideas, concepts and suggestions, must be properly protected by the person(s) or organisation(s) submitting the entry. Anthill cannot be held responsible for any copyright or patent infringements or breaches, losses or damages (financial or otherwise) that arise from the submission of an entry.
  2. By submitting your entry you consent to being contacted by Anthill or a representative of Anthill to answer any relevant questions needed to establish clarity, or garner further information.
  3. By submitting an entry you agree to Anthill publishing your entry in full or in part.
  4. By submitting your entry you agree to it being edited by Anthill for publication, for reasons of space and/or clarity.
  5. No payment will be made for the submission and subsequent publication by Anthill of an entry.
  6. There is no guarantee that an entry will be published.
  7. You warrant that the entry material presented is true and accurate and you own original work and not copied in whole or in part from any other person living or dead and that to the best of your knowledge and belief it does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.
  8. You confirm that the details you have provided in the entry are correct.
  9. Anthill will not accept responsibility for late, lost, damaged or misdirected entries.
  10. Entries become the property of Anthill. By submitting your entry to Anthill you grant Anthill a worldwide licence to use your entry in whole or in part for publication in Anthill Magazine and associated media, owned or controlled by Anthill, such as websites, or through the publication of books and ebooks.
  11. This licence granted by you does not preclude you from publishing your entry elsewhere.
  12. Anthill retains sole discretion to publish the entry in print media, website, and elsewhere in the media.
  13. You consent to Anthill using your entry for promoting Anthill products and services without attributing to you the authorship of the entry, without you inspecting or approving the entry.
  14. The content of the entry is protected by Australian and international copyright laws. All rights are reserved by Anthill.
  15. You must not submit an entry, which is unlawful, threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.
  16. Anthill will review the entry, and reserves the right to reject any entries submitted.
  17. By submitting your entry you agree to release Anthill from any losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind arising from the initiative or Anthill’s use and reproduction of your entry.
  18. By submitting your entry you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms set out in Anthill’s Privacy Policy.

Seagate Business Storage Competition

Details of the competition

  • This competition is open to all Australian residents aged 18 years or over. The competition is not extended to Seagate employees, Seagate agencies, Seagate channel partners, Authorized Distributors, Seagate Tier 1 retailers and all their subsidiaries.
  • This competition period is from 9am 21 August 2013 to 5pm 5 September 2013.
  • There will be a total of 4 winners and 4 sets of prizes;
  • Participants need to register via the designated competition section on to qualify for entry;
  • Participants need to submit their entries via the entry form on the above mentioned site;
  • Winners are chosen by Anthill’s publisher based on the merits of their submissions. All results shall be final, conclusive and binding on the participants and the promoter or publisher will not be liable to be disputed or questioned.
  • Winners will be contacted by the publisher of Anthill and will subsequently receive the prizes; competition results will also be published on;
  • Winners are required to attend an interview with Anthill’s publisher as a condition of receiving the prizes (see Terms & Conditions of participation)

Each winner will receive the following prizes: 1 X Seagate Business Storage 4-bay NAS_12TB (model number STBP12000300, RRP $1,289 each), plus 1 X Seagate Backup Plus Portable_1TB (model number STBU1000300,   RRP $129 each)

  • The promoter of this competition is: Seagate Technology Aus Pty Ltd, Level 7, 91 Phillip Street, Parramatta, NSW, 2150, Australia.ABN: 87003840328
  • The Promoter presents this Program in good faith and shall in no way be liable for any failure on their part to complete the Program.
  • The Promoter’s decision on all matters pertaining to this Program is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into, except as otherwise stated in these terms and conditions;
  • The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered, including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss, or for a personal injury suffered or sustained, as a result of participation in this Program, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
  • To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter excludes liability for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software, technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or any web site, or any unauthorised intervention, or any combination thereof, including injury or damage to participants or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from participation in or down-loading any materials in the Program.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to exclude participants from this program at their discretion.

These are the official rules that govern this promotion. If you do not agree with these rules, do not participate in this promotion.

Rules and eligibility

Description of Promotion. Each winner will receive the following prizes: 1 X Seagate Business Storage 4-bay NAS_12TB (model number STBP12000300, RRP $1,289 each), plus 1 X Seagate Backup Plus Portable_1TB (model number STBU1000300,   RRP $129 each)

1.1              Producer. This promotion is produced by Seagate and Anthill publication (the “Producers”)

1.2              Entry Period. This promotion starts at 5pm on 21 August 2013 and ends at 5pm on 5 September 2013 (“Entry Period”).

1.3              Skill Based Promotion. This promotion is based on the participant’s skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner

1.4              No Purchase Necessary. A purchase or payment of any kind will not increase the chances of winning.

1.5              Eligibility. Participants must be age 18 years of age or older and a resident of Australia to be eligible to participate in this promotion. This promotion is void outside the geographic area described above and anywhere else prohibited by law.

1.6              Exclusions. Employees of the Producers and their subsidiaries and affiliates, and employees of their agents involved in any part of the administration of this promotion, and each of any employee’s immediate family members (parent, sibling, spouse, and children) and household members are excluded from eligibility in this promotion.

1.7              Government Employees. The Promoters are committed to complying with government gift and ethics rules and therefore government employees are not eligible to participate.

Entry requirements

2.1              Entry Process. In order to participate in this promotion, the participant must the designated competition section on and submit their entry via the entry form on the webpage  The Promoters are not responsible for entries that are not received for any reason, or for entries received but not decipherable for any reason. The Promoters may automatically disqualify any incomplete or illegible entry or any entries that the Promoters determine are invalid for any other reason.

2.2              Description of Entries. To be eligible for judging, the entry must meet the following content, technical, and other requirements:

(a)                The entrant must complete the application form.

2.3              Additional Requirements. All entries must meet all of the following additional requirements (a) the entry must be the participant’s own original work; (b) the entry cannot have been selected as a winner in any other contest; (c) the participant must obtain all consents, approvals, or licenses required to submit the entry; (d) the entry may not incorporate any third-party property that is subject to any other licenses, such as trademarks (logos, names) or copyrighted materials (music, images, video, recognizable people) unless the participant obtains permission to use the materials; (e) the entry may include Seagate trademarks, logos, and designs, under a limited license for the sole purposes of submitting an entry into this promotion.

2.4              Prohibited Materials. Entries may NOT contain any content that, in the Promoters’ discretion (a) is sexually explicit, unnecessarily violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group; (b) is profane or pornographic; (c) promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms, weapons, or a particular political agenda; (d) is obscene or offensive; (e) defames, misrepresents, or contains disparaging remarks about other people or companies; (f) communicates messages or images inconsistent with the positive images with which the Promoters wish to associate; or (g) violates any law.

2.5              Rights of Participant’s Employers. Each participant is responsible for reviewing and understanding his or her own employer’s policies regarding eligibility to participate in trade promotions. Any participant that violates his or her own employer’s policies, may be disqualified from entering or receiving prizes. The Promoters disclaim any liability or responsibility for disputes arising between an employee and his or her employer related to this promotion.

2.6              Right to Reject. The Promoters may reject any entry that they determine does not comply with these rules.

Judging and Prizes

3.1              Judging Criteria. On or after the close of the Entry Period, a panel of judges will review all eligible entries received and select 4 winners of the Prizes described below based upon the following judging criteria:

(a)                The willingness of the entrant to participate in follow up interviews.

(b)               Factors likely to assist in the future promotion of the product.

3.1.1              Winners are chosen by Anthill’s publisher based on the merits of their submissions. All results shall be final, conclusive and binding on the participants and the promoter or publisher will not be liable to be disputed or questioned.

3.2              Prizes. Each of the 4 winners will receive the following prizes:

(a)                1 Seagate Business Storage 4-bay NAS_12TB, model number STBP12000300, RRP $1,289 each; and

(b)               1 Seagate Backup Plus Portable_1TB, model number STBU1000300, RRP $129 each.

3.3              Winner Responsibilities. Winners will be required to attend a videotaped interview with Anthill’s publisher as a condition of receiving the prizes. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes related to accepting the prize. Winners may not exchange any prizes for cash or any other merchandise or services; however if a prize is unavailable, the Promoters may substitute a prize of equal or greater value. Winners may not designate someone else as the winner. If a winner is unable or unwilling to accept a prize, the Promoters may award it to a runner-up. If a winner is eligible for this promotion, but is considered a minor in his or her place of residence, the Promoters may award the prize to the winner’s parent or legal guardian. Unless otherwise noted, all prizes are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty and terms and conditions. By accepting a prize, the winner’s consent to the Promoters’ use of his or her proper name and location of residence online and in print, or in any other media, in connection with this promotion, without further payment or compensation of any kind, except where prohibited by law.

3.4              Notification. Potential winners will be notified by sending a message to the e-mail address, the phone number, or mailing address (if any) provided at time of entry. The notice will be send within 5 days after completion of judging. If the notification is returned as undeliverable, or the winner is unreachable for any reason, the Promoters may award the prize to a runner-up.

3.5              Disputes. If there is a dispute as to who is the potential winner, the authorized account holder of the e-mail address used to enter the promotion will be considered the potential winner. The Promoters may require all potential winners to sign an affidavit of eligibility, liability/publicity release, and any applicable tax forms within 5 days after notification. If a potential winner does not complete and return the required forms as instructed, the Promoters may disqualify the winner and select a runner-up.

Use of entries

4.1              Intellectual Property. Seagate does not claim any ownership rights to participants’ entries; however, by submitting any entry, each participant grants Seagate a license to any intellectual property in the submission, including an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, unlimited, nonexclusive, sub-licensable, unrestricted right and license to (a) use, review, assess, test and otherwise analyze the entry, to reproduce, modify, distribute, display and perform publically, commercialize and create derivative works of the entry and all its content, in whole or in part, in connection with this promotion; and (b) feature the entry and all content in connection with the marketing, sale, or promotion of Seagate products in all media now known or later developed.

4.2              Freedom of Action. By participating, each participant acknowledges that (a) Seagate may have developed or commissioned materials similar or identical to her or her entry, and waives any claims resulting from any similarities to the entries; (b) Seagate cannot control the incoming information disclosed to our agents in the course of accepting entries, or what our agents will remember about each entry; (c) Seagate will not restrict work assignments of agents who have had access to the entries; (d) Seagate has no obligation or liability under this agreement or copyright or trade secret law for the use of information in any individual’s unaided memories in the development or deployment of Seagate products or services; and (e) the participant will not receive any compensation or credit for use of the entry, other than what is described in these rules.

4.3              Dissemination. Following the end of this promotion, any entry may be posted on a website selected by Seagate for viewing by visitors to that website. Seagate is not responsible for any unauthorized use of the entries by visitors to the website.

4.4              Privacy Notice. This promotion is hosted in Australia, and information regarding the entries will be collected on computers located in Australia. By submitting any entry, each participant consents to Seagate collecting, using, transferring, and sharing his or her personal information as described in the privacy notice located at

4.5              Further Documentation. By participating, each participant agrees to sign any necessary documentation that may be required for the Seagate to confirm or make use of the rights and waivers granted as a result of participation.

Participation Responsibilities

5.1              General Rules. By entering this promotion each participant agrees to comply with these rules. The Promoters’ decisions will be final and binding on all matters related to this promotion. This promotion will be governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia. Each participant consents to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts of the State of Victoria, Australia, for resolving any disputes arising out of this promotion.

5.2              Use of Video Images. By entering this promotion each participant agrees to be filmed or videotaped in connection with this Promotion. As a condition of receiving a prize, each winner must consent to the recording, use, reuse, of the winner’s likeness, name, voice, appearance, biographical material, and derivative works thereof, in any media, worldwide, and in perpetuity.

5.3              Release. Each participant hereby releases the Promoters and their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, and agents from any liability or any injury, loss or damage of any kind arising in connection with this promotion, or any prize won.

5.4              Interruptions. If anyone cheats, or a virus, bug, catastrophic event, or any other unforeseen or unexpected event that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled, affects the fairness or integrity of this promotion, including human or technical error, the Promoters may cancel, change, or suspend this promotion. If a solution cannot be found to restore the integrity of the promotion, the Promoters may select winners from among all eligible entries received before cancelling, changing or suspending the promotion.

5.5              Unlawful Behavior. The Promoters may seek damages or criminal prosecution for any attempt to compromise the integrity or the legitimate operation of this promotion by hacking or by cheating or committing fraud in any way. The Promoters may ban any participants from any future promotion.

5.6              Winner List. The Promoters will post the names of confirmed winners online at within 10 days after confirming all the winners.

5.7              Sponsor and Agent. This promotion is sponsored by Seagate Technology Aus Pty Ltd, Level 7, 91 Phillip Street, Parramatta, NSW, 2150, Australia.ABN: 87003840328; all references to “Seagate” in these rules refer to the Seagate company named in this paragraph. Seagate’s agent in this promotion is Anthill publication; all references to Seagate’s “agent” in these rules include the agent named in this paragraph.

Media waiver and use of data

By entering this competition, I have voluntarily agreed to be filmed or videotaped in connection with the Seagate NAS Competition (“Competition”) should I become a prize recipient. In that event, I hereby consent to the recording, use and reuse by the producers of the Competition (“Producers”) and/or any of their respective licensees, assigns, parents, subsidiaries, sponsors or affiliated entities and each of the respective employees, agents, officers and directors (collectively “Releasees”) of my actions, likeness, name, voice, appearance and biographical material (i.e., collectively “Likeness”) in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, worldwide in perpetuity, in or in connection with: the Competition and associated promotion, sale and exploitation of the Competition (in any form or media) thereof. I agree that Releasees may use all or any part of my Likeness, and may alter or modify it regardless of whether or not I am recognisable. I specifically agree that Releasees shall have full exclusive ownership of any video taken before, during or after the Competition (“Material”) and I shall have no rights whatsoever to the Material. I further agree that Releasees shall have the right to use the Material and my Likeness in any and all media now known or hereafter devised worldwide, in perpetuity. I grant the rights hereunder in any manner whatsoever. I release Releasees from any and all liability arising out of their use of my Likeness and/or the Material. I agree not to make any claim against Releasees as a result of the recording or use of my Likeness and/or the Material (including, without limitation, any claim that such use invades any right of privacy and/or publicity and any claims based on defamation or libel or false light). I understand that neither Producers nor Releasees make any representation that such Material will or will not be used in any way. This Agreement is governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Victoria, Australia, and and shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia, applicable to agreements executed and fully carried out within Victoria, Australia. The parties agree that any and all disputes or controversies arising under or relating to this Release shall be resolved by binding confidential arbitration in Victoria, Australia. This agreement expresses the entire understanding between me and the Producers and replaces any and all former and contemporaneous agreements, understandings or representations between me and the Producers. Any laws that require or suggest that the interpretation of a document or agreement, or the resolution of any ambiguities contained therein, should be resolved against the drafter of the document or agreement, are hereby waived. No modification, alteration or amendment of this agreement will be valid or binding unless in writing and signed by both me and the Producers. No waiver by the Producers of any term or condition of this agreement will be construed as a waiver by the Producers of any other term or condition; nor will any waiver by the Producers of any default under this agreement be construed as a waiver by the Producers of any other default. The Producers may freely assign, in whole or in part, any of their rights or obligations under this agreement. I may not assign my rights and obligations under this agreement. I have read and agree to Anthill’s Terms and Conditions. Click here to read Anthill’s Terms and Conditions. You will be added to Anthill’s email mailing list, which you may opt-out of at any time, and may receive other correspondence from Anthill. Your details will also be provided to Seagate, the organiser of the competition, and this organisation may also contact you from time to time. By entering this competition, I agree to the Terms & Conditions and waiver.